About Our Company

Brief History

In 1996, we conceived the idea of building a Nigerian company that would provide support services to the Emerging Energy Industry in Nigeria. The company is known as KIZ PETRO-GLOBAL LIMITED. Since inception, our resolve to sustain a client based company has evolved us into a specialist, capable of providing wholesome support services in the energy sector in Nigeria and elsewhere in the world. We promise to continue icing our services with our experience and impeccable quality values.

Kiz Petro-Global Limited (Rc: 317946) is wholly an indigenous Private Limited liability company. It was incorporated in Nigeria on the 13th day of July 1996; with the primary objective to catalyze the rapid industrialization of the country through provision of vital infrastructure, using it’s made in Nigeria resources and experience.

why us

Vision Statement

“Service Par Excellence”

Mission Statement

To be a world leading provider of services in the Oil and Gas Industry through relentless effort at consistently meeting and exceeding clients expectations of quality and value, relying on innovative and engineering, operational and management practices.

Our Business Ethics

We pride ourselves in the following Business ethics: